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Community Poet-Tree


April is National Poetry Month, which means that here at the Totowa Library, we’re celebrating the poetic contributions and creativity that abound in our community!  We’re putting together a “Community Poet-Tree,” which is a special tree we’ve “planted” in our main room that will be “sprouting poems” throughout the month of April!


We need your need your help to turn our tree’s wintry bare branches into a flourishing, flowering tree for spring.  We’re inviting you to write your own little snippets of poetry all throughout the month of April, and branch by branch, we’ll fill up the tree with lovely literary leaves and blossoms!  At the end of April, we’ll read all of your poems, and our favorites will win Visa gift cards worth $100, $50, and $25!  


We welcome Totowa residents of all ages to take part in this creative challenge, and you may submit multiple poems.

You can submit your poems online at, and we will write your poem on a leaf or flower and hang it on our sprouting tree.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to watch it grow, and make sure you’re following so you won’t miss our poetry prompts and exercises each week to help get those creative juices flowing!​


Thank you!!

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